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Workspaces vary in shape and size,

today as never before it is fundamental keep them organized.

Get a platform that allows you tobook from appthe meeting rooms,integrate the corporate calendaralready existing emanage visitors easily.

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Tavola disegno 1_4x.png

With Joan devices, equipped withscreenE-INKtouch, you can book each space on the fly.

Easily positioned on any wall, totallyfree of cablesand up to6 months of autonomywith single charge.

From installation to use: thesimplicityof this workspace management system will surprise you.

Without forgetting its sustainable nature, a fundamental value for us at Nebri-Tech.

Consume 100 times lesscompared to other systems thanks to the use of panels with technologyE-INK.


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Tavola disegno 1_4x.png

Nebri-Tech's proposal for Sustainable Digital Signage

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