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Moose Knucklesis a Canadian company founded in 2009 that manufactures and markets exceptionally warm luxury jackets, characterized by impeccable tailoring and details. 

The choice of  strong and unconventional brand image, has led them to be successful in the best stores in the world and has created a community of loyal customers.



Marketing model

Temporary Stores in the main European cities



A series of unstructured video walls inside the Moose Knuckles Temporary stores  conceived by the design studio Bureau Betak: a "chaotic" screen installation  at the center of the shop, which presents unexpected landscapes and images of the campaign, to immerse the customer in  the unique world of the Canadian brand.


Our first challenge was to design and build a mechanical metal frame for the display cluster, to hide all the cables and create a clean assembly  compliant with the Bureau Betak concept.

We then studied how to manage content on monitors, how to distribute the same video by fragmenting it, how to change how to program the lineup and manage everything remotely.



Customer support in the choice of hardware and software technology.

Design and construction of ad hoc metal structures, which support a series of Nebri-Tech monitors of different sizes (21.5", 32" and 43") arranged in clusters, each connected to a BrightSign reader. Content management with Wallboard, CMS capable of synchronizing and scheduling videos remotely.



Marketing model: 
Multibrand stores  and luxury clothing malls across Europe.

Brand promotion in Europe.

14 temporary "store in store" installations in shopping centers in the Netherlands, UK, Germany, France, Denmark, Switzerland and Italy.

Store in Store: realization, installation and storage of stands complete with exhibitors

in which luminous elements have been inserted and digital signage screens to further attract the public.


Increase in turnover thanks to the obtained visibility.

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