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Grab customer attention, grow your audience, increase sales.

With our professional shop window displays, your promotions, offers and news will be perfectly visible whatever the light, weather or environmental condition.
Ultra slim and beautiful to look at, they fit  to any  style.


Top vision at any time and in any weather condition


High brightness

The high luminosity allows viewing even in south-facing windows exposed to direct sunlight.

High contrast

Black people are always black, even when vision is from the side with just a glance.

The screen catches the eye of the potential customer who, once they arrive in front of the window, will linger curiously.

Faithful colours

Your logo and institutional colors are faithfully reproduced.

You can transmit images and videos without the risk of an altered display: people's complexions will not be pale or greenish and food images will be appetizing.


Showcase display with light sensor

with built-in timer

Our displays


Abuilt-in timer varies the brightness of the screenas required by municipal regulations.

Our displays offer impeccable images and eliminate the inconvenience of false values detected by light sensors,  caused  by lowering of ambient brightness due to:

  • Weather conditions such as sudden cloud cover. 

  • Presence of spotlights in the shop window or on the sign.

  • Presence of street lighting near the shop window.

  • Environmental conditions that create anomalous shadows, e.g. a truck parked in front.

Beautiful from all points of view


Slim design

A few centimeters thick give our displays a design with extremely slim lines. The ultra-narrow bezel allows full-screen content viewing.

Cable suspension 

Our displays include a suspension fixing system using thin, elegant, technical and light steel cables. You will not need to buy additional accessories to be able to install them.


Position them however you like


Our displays can be installed both horizontally and vertically.

Not only that: on request they can be inclined, integrated with pedestal or wall brackets.


How can I make the most of it?


Our displays come with it already installedWallboards,  the software for creating and managing professional digital content, complete with ready-made templates designed for specific activities (real estate, travel agencies, retail...) andalready prepared for vertical installation.


WALLBOARDS is the software installed on our displays. It is a program that allows you to create content with a strong visual impact and to always keep your shop windows updated in real time. With Wallboard you can  easily create graphic solutions  able to meet your specific needs, you can show images, videos, galleries,  web pages, time, weather data and much much more.

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