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Precision mechanics and components for the civil and military aerospace market. 3 production units in Italy: employing 600, 150 and 150 people respectively with "Civil and Military" production departments managed separately. The company is part of a multinational group with 300 sites worldwide. The mechanical processes take place through work islands each island has a department head who manages it. 
The market in which the company operates is highly competitive.


The production and testing work area receives weekly visits from customers, second-party auditors and certification bodies who verify and control the company's quality and compliance with parameters relating to the Quality, Environment and Safety area for different purposes (HS&E). 
The company policies as well as the vision of the group activity must be communicated to the workers to increase their awareness of the quality of work and the safety of the environments in which they operate.
These communications were made via paper documents posted on special bulletin boards located within the company or distributed.
Due to the nature of the same, the data communicated related to previous events and never just in time, this causes a reduced ability to react in time to correct any misalignments with the production KPIs.
Employees always had a retrospective view of events, which effectively prevented an improvement in the KPIs themselves.
-    Need to collect viewing statistics
-    Need to have the product tested on site


30 Monitors on wireless or wired network interfaced with a specific software platform for digital signage solutions. 

Testing and testing area  

  • Displays the red, green and yellow traffic light test parameters for each product number with test result

  • Performance trends

  • Test predictions and planning of mechanical parts produced

For the single production cell

  • Check in and check out pieces from CNC machines

  • Satisfaction monitoring of schedules times and methods

  • Verification of data relating to satisfaction with volumes and times on production

  • Verification of the passages of the various pieces from one production cell to another

  • Visualization of data according to a common standard for all


For the Warehouse

  •  Management of the inventory of pieces and outbound forecast dates

For the whole company

  • Alert system on all monitors in case of emergency

  • Videos, Images slide show corporate communication to workers 

  • Info on maintenance activities etc.


  • Maintaining workers' awareness of just-in-time production times has improved KPIs and reduced delays in all departments involved

  • Greater efficiency in communication to workers and standardization of the same

  • Reduction of risks in the H&S area with improvement of KPIs 

  • Significant time savings for production cell managers to report performance data

  • Considerable saving of time for general communication of information of common interest.

  • Possibility to read the performances just in time at any moment

  • Improved perception by customers and visiting auditors of the control capability implemented by the company, also for ISO certifications

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