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BTicino SpA is an Italian engineering company that operates in the sector of low voltage electrical equipment for living, working and production spaces, divided into solutions for energy distribution, for communication (intercom, video intercom, data) and for light, audio, climate and security control.

Marketing model: Bticino reaches the market through real estate partners, a capillary network of distributors in the area and large-scale distribution which is characterized by a high passage of daily contacts who need to be enticed to purchase without the support of sales personnel._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


Launch  of the new productLiving NOW
Need to communicate a 3.0 type of product in a digital and interactive way

Voice interaction with the user and connection to smartphone via app.
Need for remote control of equipment.


25 Touch screen monitor + external audio system connected via wireless network or cable and interfaced with a specific software platform for digital signage solutions.
The monitor was placed in a display complete with smart switches and Google voice system, which doubles as an interactive product catalog.


  • Increase in sales.

  • Understanding the effectiveness of the medium by monitoring interactionsbetween the potential customer and the system, which allows an immediate remodulation of the messageof marketing.

  • Understanding of the most requested colors and patterns.

  • Attracting potential customers and stimulating them to request specific information from sales operators not always present in the aisle.

  • Understanding of the effectiveness of the medium for possible extension on the dedicated national distribution network.

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